October 23, 2014
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Buy Instagram Followers

We have a tried and tested solution for you to buy instagram followers safely, quickly and with minimal expense. We have helped hundreds of clients boost their instagram follower numbers in a matter of days and continue to get repeat business due to the quality of followers we add. We ensure our instagram followers are real so our clients can boost their influence, profile and popularity. There is no need to wait weeks and months to get more instagram followers – get thousands in days.

Get More Instagram Followers Quickly & Safely


  • 2,500 Instagram Followers
    • 1-2 Day Delivery
    • No Password Required
  • 10,000 Instagram Followers
    • 1-2 Day Delivery
    • No Password Required
  • 25,000 Instagram Followers
    • 1-2 Day Delivery
    • No Password Required
  • 1,000
    Instagram Likes
    • 1-2 Day Delivery
    • No Password Required
  • 2,000
    Instagram Likes
    • 1-2 Day Delivery
    • No Password Required
  • 10,000
    Instagram Likes
    • 1-2 Day Delivery
    • No Password Required

How To Get More Real Followers on Instagram

  • Select Package

    Choose the number of instagram followers you want and click “Details”.

  • Enter your Instagram username

    Enter in your Instagram Username in the box and click 'Add To Cart'. If you are buying likes, enter in your Instagram Photo ID.

  • Make Payment

    Click 'View Cart' to check your order and enter in your payment details.

  • Track Order

    You can also track the order in your admin area and you will also receive upates by email.

When You Buy Instagram Followers From Us You Will Get

Premium Customer Service

We answer all customer enquiries within one business day and normally within a couple of hours if it is within our business hours. We will do our utmost to answer your questions and provide excellent support quickly.

Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee to deliver the number of instagram followers and likes ordered. In the unlikely event that we fail to deliver the numbers ordered we will offer you a refund.

Drop Off Replacement

We deliver real followers and likes on Instagram and don’t use bots. Therefore, there will be a natural fluctuation in their numbers over time as some unfollow but if you notice more than 10% of the followers we deliver disappear within a year please contact us and will boost them back up to your original order size as no extra cost.

Will I Get Real Instagram Followers?

In short, yes. Follwervault.com only sell active, genuine Instagram followers and not fake profiles produced by software. You need to be careful to ensure that whoever you choose to buy more instagram followers from does not deliver you fake accounts which will not help your profile and could put you at risk of having your account suspended.

Why Should I Pay For Instagram Followers?

Many of your clients are naturally apprehensive at first when they first consider whether to buy instagram followers or just hope that they can increase it to the level they want in a few months or years. However, when they see that adding some followers leads to even more followers coming onboard naturally they soon start buying more to increase this snowball effect. The ‘wisdom of the crowds’ effects is the tendency for people to believe that something or someone must be worth taking note of if many other people are. Therefore, if someone sees your instagram profile they are more likely to follow it if many other people are already doing so.


  • I gave my instagram account a quick boost in followers and I am pretty sure this led to new people following at a much faster rate. I don't think I will buy any more but I am happy this seemed to have kick started a new influx.

    Zubin Balgin
  • You guys delivered as promised so no complaints. Cheers.

    Mikey Paulson
  • I have used your service a few times for some of my clients (with their permission!) and continue to be impressed by the speed at which you can delivery so many new followers.

    Monica Santos

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